Different Types of Residential Property Surveys

Before purchasing a new property, running property surveys is compulsory for determining the property’s condition. It is from the property surveys that you can form an idea of how much should be invested after you have bought the property. Through the surveys conducted the residential property surveys, you will be able to save unnecessary costs. After the surveys are done, you can get a clear idea about the needed maintenance. Once the surveying is done, you can find the points in the property for negotiating with the vendor.

Only licensed residential property surveyors from a registered surveying firm in Perth can conduct property surveys since they are holding the property indemnity insurance.

The Distinct Types of Property Surveys

  1. Building Survey
    The Building Surveys provide an overview of the property structure’s condition in detail. The structure and the property’s situation discovered through the surveys are completely covered in the in-depth report. The report further shares an overall idea of investment to be made on the property, either at present or later. Thus, you will be able to rebuild costs.
  2. A Condition Report
    The Condition Report is the most primary provided survey consisting of the property situation analysis along with highlighting the concerns and explaining in brief their status. From the condition survey report, you can have a clear idea of the related issues the property is undergoing but not in-depth.
  3. The Home Buyer’s Report
    This very survey is a deep analysis that is completed in 2 to 4 hours. This report highlights the concerns and gives an explanation of them in detail. Indeed, this survey helps to know the necessary maintenance and repairs to be taken up. Among the residential property surveyors, this is the most popularly taken up survey. From this report, you can know whether any area of the building has not met the property regulations.

Why is A Residential Property Survey Needed?
Since you are ready to spend a considerable amount of cash on your property, hence, it is wise to be aware of all the issues before you are ready to purchase. In fact, the property survey is a much necessary step to be taken up, for it brings into the limelight the amount of maintenance to be done along with the additional concerns lying with the property.

The major reasons for hiring the residential property subdividers to conduct the needed property surveys include –

  1. Eliminating the disputes over the corners and boundary lines.
  2. Outlining the issues to be solved with the buildings and fences.
  3. Reports on underground drains and underground cables.
  4. Rights of easements, moving ways and encumbrances.

It is from the correctly done property survey that you can better understand the property in question to be bought. Before purchasing, make sure to follow what the residential property surveyors are guiding you on. As highly experienced professionals, they specialise in making complete use of advanced surveying tools and equipment so they can deliver the best successful land surveying services.